Sorry for the crummy editing…I’m still so new to this video thing and it seems that the program I use (Windows Movie Maker) doesn’t like anything much over 3 minutes. I had to hack a few bits to fit it all in. Seeing as how this is a repetitive thing (stitching on each side over and over until you reach the end) it really shouldn’t matter at all.

My Thursday videos will probably stop or at least slow down after this one. I need to decide what else I should do videos on (any suggestions?) and it’ll be kind of nice not to try to crunch it all in to a day or two (which is what I’ve been doing with these)

One more apology…sorry for all the parenthesis, I’m having a lot of side thoughts this morning.


I finally got things squared away with google video, only to find out that the song I used couldn’t be used due to copyright.  I’m still learning these things.  I found a site called Jamendo where you can find new music and download full albums.  I’ll probably be using them from now on.

A bit early, because I’m baking bread tomorrow.

This is another type of cast on.  It’s pretty universal and you can use this type of cast on when it doesn’t specify which type to use.

I just made my first video.  It’s not good.  In fact, amature is putting it nicely!  Still, you have to start somewhere, right?

I thought this was so adorable!  Now I have all these grand ideas of making little crocheted fortune cookies to hang on the tree this Christmas!  I’m also thinking (uh oh, ideas?  Thinking?!) that I could do paper “fortunes” that had clues for a treasure hunt type deal or maybe specific gifts like a massage, gift card amount, manicure?  OR, I could just make them as ornaments and do a laquered piece of paper with a name for each recipient.

I think I’m entirely too full of ideas for it being this early in the morning.