I’ve noticed I’ve been a little lax on posting the last week, but it’s mainly been because I’ve been working on stuff and trying (trying being the key word here) to do a little housework.

I’ve been knitting away on a cardigan for myself called Mr. Greenjeans. I’m calling mine Mr. Tweedjeans since I’m using some of that monstrous mountain of tweedy yarn I posted about awhile ago. I didn’t mention the sweater before because honestly, I’ve had a lot of false starts on sweaters for myself lately. This pattern is a top down raglan and I’m past the waist right now so I think it’s safe to say I’ll probably finish it. There’s still quite a ways to go, but I’ve done the most tedious part…the bust! I put the sweater on waste yarn and tried it on and was surprised to find it was kinda big on me. I was expecting it to be a little snug. No complaints though, I like large comfy sweaters much better than ones that are snug and constricting.

I took a break on the sweater to make an instant gratification project.


I’ve always loved little crocheted and knit food items.  They’re cute.  This little guy took me less than 30 minutes to make, not counting the time I played around with the sprinkles and trying to get creative with the photo.  If anyone remembers the little alien I made awhile ago, this cupcake pattern is from the same designer.  Hannah Kaminsky is so darn creative.   I put a few drops of strawberry scent in the fiberfill before I finished sewing it up and it smells so good!  I queued a bunch of different knit and crocheted foods on ravelry so I’m sure I’ll have more to show soon.

On Friday Paul and I went to Laughlin with my parents and had seafood buffet.  I’d never been in the Avi casino and it was pretty nice to get out of the house and DO something.  I ate a ridiculous amount of crab (and little else!) and afterwards we played slots for a couple of hours.  We took a little over $100 with us to fool around with, with no intentions of walking out with anything.  I never expect to win anything, that way I’m not disappointed when I don’t.  We blew through it pretty quickly.  In the 11 or so years we’ve been going to Laughlin together we’ve always used our last $20  in mad money on dollar slots.  This time was no different and we were happily surprised when I hit $140 over the course of three different slots.  We basically got a free dinner and a few hours of entertainment for free 😀  Yay!

Paul took a vacation day so he’ll be home today.  We’ll probably spend the day lounging and I may or may not get around to painting a couple of cabinets in the kitchen.  I’ve had this idea for a random geometric thing for awhile now.  We’ll see if it works out.  If I don’t do it today, I’ll get around to it soon I think.