Can it already be getting cold here?  It doesn’t seem like it should be and generally it doesn’t until the end of October, but I can’t deny the frosty breath in the morning or my poor shivering chihuahua when he comes in from outside.

As the weather turns colder I start to feel more homey.  I want heartier meals like stew and warm crusty bread.  I want to cuddle deep under a comforter and sip coffee while my feet are wrapped in thick socks.  Is it no wonder that I want my pets nice and snuggly warm too?

Despite him looking utterly miserable, he really loves being in a sweater.  When I first finished it he had just come in from a potty break and his whole little body was shaking.  I quickly hid the last tail and wrangled him in to his new soft sweater.  As soon as it was adjusted on him he fell asleep on the couch. 

This sweater was made from this pattern on the Caron website.  I made a few changes to it, obviously changing the colors.  I used Caron Simply Soft in Limelight and Blue Mint and the pattern calls for two strands held throughout.  I used size 10.5 needles as suggested but dropped down to 8’s instead of 9’s for the belly and neck/leg ribbing.  It’s still a little too big despite hitting gauge dead on.  In retrospect I should have made the smallest size because it would have fit him much better.  Still, he does like it, as long as I’m not making him move around too much.  It’s like an instant sleep tonic for him, he practically falls over into a deep sleep as soon as it’s on.

On another crafty topic…I’m cleaning my craft room!  Cue the scary Halloween screams because it doesn’t happen very often.  Fact of the matter is though is that I’ve got way too much craft stuff, not enough room to put it and my gargantuan puppy has decided that anything with mom smell on it must be torn to shreds.  She’s annhiliated all but one of my Denise Interchangeable cables and she’s torn up way too many skeins of yarn.  On the bright side, I can now request (well, have already lol) a set of the wooden KnitPicks Options needles but I don’t want my stuff destroyed whether we can replace it or not.  So, I’m biting the bullet.  I’m rewinding all my skeins in to cakes, ziplocking them and going from there.  I will have to find a place for all my paper craft stuff, my craft books and magazines.  Sigh.  If I can manage to get the two file cabinets and our old crappy computer out of there I may just have the room to do all this re-organizing bull.  Please wish me luck, I HATE trying to reorganize this stuff.