Stolen from Jen!

1. How old will you be in 3 years?


2. Do you think you’ll be married by then?

I better be, if Paul wants to live!

3. What do you look forward to most in the next 2 months?

The new album from the Dresden Dolls!

4. Who was the last person you called?

My mother in law.

5. Have you ever played a team sport?

Nope…I’m not a very sporty person.

6. Who was the last person to text you?

Couldn’t say…I haven’t had my cell on in a long long time.

7. Who was the last person you hugged?


8. What were you doing at midnight last night?

Sleeping…for once!

9. Parents separated/divorced/married?

Well, my mom is married and I have a step-dad, but I consider him my “real” dad, so….uh…I’m confused.

10. Last time you saw your dad?

My “real” dad?  Last weekend.  My bio dad?  In 1995, about two weeks before he died.

11. What happened at 9:00 a.m. today?

I was commenting on Jen’s blog.

12. How many states have you visited?

Six or seven.

13. If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?

In Eureka…I’m really missing it right now.

14. Do you prefer shoes, socks, or bare feet?

Bare feet…it feels better!

15. Are you a social person?

I used to be….not so much anymore.

16. What was the last thing you drank?


17. Favorite ice cream?

It’s a toss up between plain chocolate and Black cherry vanilla.

18. What is your favorite dessert?

Pepperidge Farms coconut cake!

19. Whats your favorite color?

Purple, but teal runs a very close second!

20. What Jelly do you put on your PBJ?

I like grape, but we rarely buy it because I almost never eat pb&j, so usually strawberry preserves because that’s what Paul eats.

21. Do you like coffee?

More than puppies!  (Okay, as much as puppies!)

22. How many glasses of water a day do you drink on average?

Ugh…NOT my strong suit lately…maybe two if I’m doing good?

23. What do you drink in the morning?

Coffee usually.

24. Would you rather kiss someone with or without a tongue ring?

I love tongue rings!  But Paul doesn’t have one, so we’re going with without.

25. Do you sleep on a certain side of the bed?

Yep, on the left.

26. Do you know how to play poker?

Yes, but I’m not very good at it.

27. Whats so good about Fridays?

Fridays are payday…duh!

28. Any plans to visit the green monkeys on

I have absolutely no idea what that is…and I don’t care to find out 😛

29. Do you eat out or at home more often?

At home.

30. How big is your TV?

We have a 40″ in the living room, and a 27″ that never gets turned on in the bedroom.

31. Ever stolen a street sign?

Does it count as stealing if it was already on the ground?

32. Do you keep a piggy bank?

Kinda…we use gallon wine bottles for pennies and silver change.

34. Have you ever been in an ambulance?

Yes, when Paul was air-vac’d to Phoenix.

35. Do you prefer an ocean or a pool?


36. Do you prefer a window seat or an aisle seat?

Window, for all two times I’ve flown.

38. What is your favorite thing to spend money on?

Stuff Paul likes, crafty stuff.  Boo/hiss to bills!

39. Do you wear any jewelry 24/7?

Nope, none.

40. Do you speak any other language?

Nope.  I’d like to though.

41. Can you roll your tongue?


42. Who is the funniest person you know?

Paul…he’s such a dork you can’t not laugh!

43. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?

I used to, but now with a Paul, a Moxie and a Cord in bed with me, there’s just no room!

44. What is the main ring tone on your phone?

When I was using it, it was Classico by Tenacious D.

45. Do you still have clothes from when you were little?

I don’t think I’ve got anything from when I was little.

46. What is the color of your bedroom wall?

Two shades of aqua blue.

47. Do you shut off the water when you brush your teeth?


48. Are you crushing on someone right now?

I always have a crush on some famous person.  I love Jack Black…he’s my fake famous husband!

49. Do you currently hate someone?

Hate is a strong word.  That said, absolutely! 😉  (That’s tongue in cheek people!)

50. Why do you take surveys?

Because I needed something to post on my blog and I was bored.